Head Trippin’ over Oscar

Big Shout out to last night’s Oscar Winners!

Aside from the 2 dozen “Enchanted” nominated songs Broadway productions, it was a very good show. Jon Stewart pulled off a miracle as the host of 80th Anniversary of the televised gala that almost did not happen due to the writers righteous strike. Bravo, Jonny Boy.

“No Country for Old Men” winning Best Picture took the Vegas odds. How can you not see anything with Tommy Lee Jone it? Javier was definitely the best choice for best supporting actor.

If you haven’t seen it, see it. Here’s a sneak peak:

Best Take No Prisoners Prediction:

Daniel Day Lewis winning his 2nd Oscar for Best Kick Ass Actor on Planet Earth for “There will be Blood.” DDL is the very definition of High Def Intensity. And, to think we were just now coming down from his last performance in “Gangs of New York”.

Best Dreams Can Come True Moments:

  • Diablo Cody, the former exotic dancer from Minnesota, taking home the Gold for Best Original Screenplay for “Juno”. Great tats.
  • The duo from “Once” the extremely low budget production of two ordinary people making extraordinary music together.

Best ‘Wow! Who Knew She Was So Cool’ Moment:

Tilda Swinton’s unexpected cool chick, punkish wit and charm as she teased co-star George Clooney while accepting for Best Supporting Actress in “Michael Clayton”. Nothing like her ice cold White Witch from Narnia.

Best Jon Stewart Line:

All of them. Bless his Mojo.


Speed Fix A Go-Go

X X X X X X X.

X X X X X X X.

Stop sweating – those X’s aren’t kisses. Nah…they’re the countdown markers to the May 2008 big screen premiere of our fellow fine auto enthusiast and speed freak: Speed Racer.

The countdown is being officially kept by a couple of way cool Jr. Groove Masters in the making that live among us ages 11-13. Always good to see the love for the classics are alive and well among the young dudes.

When we first saw this preview in the theater, the boys flipped.

John Goodman as Speed’s thick mustached pop? We’ll take it.

Right on casting of Susan Sarandon and Christina Ricci — their trademark wide-eyes are so perfectly Japanese retro-anime.

The boys told us it was coming soon to a theater near us, but we were of course busy with getting on with the real important stuff of family, empire building, friends, fun and other activities that make life so grand. As the big people, we didn’t have much time to totally groove on our fictional fast friend. We left the low tech X calendar countdown to the pros.

As you can see from our previous posts, we do love a good movie. It’s pretty cool to see kids get into the idea of a decent flick, too. Their imaginations easily spark at the promise of adventure — real or imagined. Of course, as adults, while we want to keep the spark, it’s our day-to-day quest to show the young’ens that life occurs most vibrantly outside Saturday matinees at the multi-cine-plex, Nickelodeon, and the internet. Escaping the seductions of the mall and getting out to practice Bending like Beckham, taking in a museum (what, you got something against museums?) or maybe hitting the local go kart course are healthy introductions to the thrills and wonders of the world.

We recently noticed a couple of buds that have also talked nearly non stop about this anticipated release for a couple of weeks now. This wasn’t unusual because they’re often yakking away about some upcoming feature or television series season premiere and the like. We love ’em, but it seems that unless they’re talking about what’s happening on Lost, Heroes or the L Word, they have little else to say or share about much else with the same interest.

They’re both successful professionals. They have lovely families, picket fences, and are regular voters. Yet, not much to say about any of that. They stick to the usual stale script of minimal honorable mentions about family, marriage, relationships, work. In fact, their body postures and tones just seem to go limp when engaged in these subjects. From a passing observation, their better pleasures come from the melodramas of prime time soaps, reality t.v. dramas and the latest Britney/Paris/Brangelina to dos. Thanks to the magic of Tivos, DVRs, On Demand, and You Tube to a lessor extent they never miss a life sustaining fix.

The going can get pretty rough and tough out there working to hold it down, keep it real, keep it straight, hang in, roll with the punches, and all that jazz. Having his tiny ship tossed onto uncharted desert isle with a movie star was a long time fantasy for our good friend Nick since he was 11. Predictably, he’s now a fan of Lost.

These days, Nick takes a healthy retreat to a Caribbean island 5 star resort at least three weeks a year. He made this a reality, an A #1 top priority for himself. Although he’s still working on the movie star, putting this dream on his ‘150 must dos and haves before I die list’ 12 years ago, he succeeded by making his first annual sun-kissed trek 9 years ago.

Nick will never be lost in Lost.

Nick is not only in the race, but leading it, and putting up his own record breaking times. Like a world class contender he steadily works his plan to cruise through to his most desired adventures and pleasures.

Before he starts a project, he puts the together the right crew to help make it to the finish line, decides when the checkpoints will be to measure his progress, and knows where the pit stops are — all to make sure he’s on track to win.

Like the little dudes, he’s having way too much fun imagining — then planning — the next great adventure. But, like a true Groove Master, he also knows when to turn off the boob tube and other electronic attention splitters and get down to the business of designing his own life’s course.

We all need pit stops from the dizzying speedway. Just make sure that your pit stop doesn’t tailspin into a total blow out off course.

Drivers wanted. Stay on the track.

The Fourth Coming: Back to Indiana

Grab your bull whip, snake repellent, and hang onto your hat — the Super-Baddest Archeologist ever is coming back.

So look busy!

We’ll be looking for the “Brought to you by the makers of Viagra” tag when this special previews on Entertainment Tonite.  Thank goodness this serial is set way back when, otherwise you know Spielberg would find a way to product place Viagra or Cialis like Pepsi or Coke in a modern day ET sequel.

Man, he kicks up a lot of dust. How old is Sir Harrison Ford now? 60? 70? Who cares — Han Solo in a Hat still brings it! The force is clearly with him.

Before Indy, the most memorable faux archeologist we recalled was a 60ish Vincent Price as the kook holding the Brady Bunch boys hostage in a tiki cave in the Hawaiian vacation episode. You might catch it on TV Land at around 4:00 a.m. at dawn’s early light. Creepy. Indy’s way cooler.

We all Jones for Jones because when the plot thickens to the absolute worst jam of all jams, he manages to get out of those jam of all jams. That’s at the heart of many a great adventure: working your way out of the worst possible scenario and living to tell about it. The worst is never the worst because things can always get…worse. Follow?

Great heroes can see when the glass is half empty — they just know when to swing in to action by the skin of their teeth and the tip of their bull whip, knock it over and fill it up to the brim all over again with the good stuff.

We should all hope that by the time we get to the senior rate at Applebee’s, we’ll still be kickin’ up dust and mixing it up like Indy/Ford.

Enjoying our own adrenaline pumped adventures remains at the top of the list of things to keep doing. Getting out there — on the court, on the field, on a rock, on a track, on the slopes, ’round the block, in the yard, at the sushi bar — and mixing it up as much as possible is a mach 5 formula for keeping your mind sharp, your blood fresh, and your mojo running.

Breathe a little deeper, run a little harder, love a little richer, live a little longer.

And, always, always take your bull whip. That’ll never get old.

Mind’s Eye: Mojo See. Mojo Do.

dream manifesto

Yeah, yeah we know. You tried dream boarding with your girlfriend when she was involved with that master mind group about 5 years ago.

You went along mostly for the snacks, but dutifully cut out a few pics from Esquire, Car & Motor Sports Forbes, and Maxim and slapped them on a large poster board. Surprisingly you kinda got into it, and pledged to yourself to put it up in ‘high traffic’ area of your tiny apartment (its all high traffic in a tiny apartment) so that you could look at it multiple times daily, keep your goals in sight, and take the critical steps to make your dreams of graduating into a higher income tax bracket come true by the next New Year’s eve.

Fast forward to five years later: Your now ex-girlfriend is pulling down 250 G’s annually from her dream boarded real estate empire. Good for her.

You? Don’t tell us…you didn’t believe in the dream board? You chucked it the moment she moved out? It’s somewhere in your Do-it-Yourself storage unit….back East…in the snow?! Dude!

Can we please put the Wii wand down for a sec.

Wake up, and listen up, easy rider:

You don’t get the pinks on a Maserati by the occasional daydream while slouched on the couch between Lakers vs. Nicks quarters on ESPN.

If your dreams are out of sight, they’re probably out of mind. In other words, Mojo don’t see = Mojo don’t do.

A HUGE Mojo Rizing secret that empowers you to make your dreams come true?

See it. Achieve it. Drive it on home.

Rinse. Repeat.

See it. Achieve it. Drive it on home.

Rinse. Repeat.

Vroom. Vroom.

Dream boards and visualization WORK.

Dream Manifesto kicks the Law of Attraction into the next gear. It turbo charges the concept of visualization in 10 seconds flat. It takes your dreams from analogue to Digital Blu Ray High Definition.

Dream exercise has proven consistently effective with our Order for keeping us on plan, on point, on the road. It keeps us in the groove.

If you are serious about taking care of business and making your dreams a reality, this program can help you get there.

Mojo See. Mojo Do. Vroom. Vroom. Vroom.

Are your dreams in your mind’s eye(sight)?

maserati in alley

Mind over Matter: Casio, Dead Cows, and Meryl Streep in a Tupa

defending your life

You either get busy livin’ or you get busy dyin’.

Wrong movie. Same sentiment.

Hanging out in Dario’s newly remodeled plush 15 seat home theater this past Saturday, he and Gianni kind of got into about this flick. You’d have thought they were auditioning for guest critic spots on “At the Movies”. The argument: the 5-10 best comedies about death, and whether or not Defending Your Life should be listed among their — we repeat ‘their’ — selected canon of Heaven Can Wait, Beetlejuice, Monty Python’s the Meaning of Life, Death Becomes Her (also starring Meryl Streep), The End (with Burt Reynolds and Dom Deluise), and Hannah and Her Sisters. Alrighty then. Which also begs the question: have these guys seen anything in the past decade? What’s more, these two are both barely 38 years old! How’d this happen? Who under 50 references Dom Deluise in anything?

Anyway, after 37 minutes of debate over a lovely grilled chops and mixed veggies dinner (thanks Carrie) and two Marzens later, it was finally decided that Defending Your Life merits more than an honorable mention mostly due to the brilliant writing of Albert Brooks, and top notch performances by master actors Rip Torn, Lee Grant, and Meryl Streep. It was also agreed that the best people to write about death are neurotics. Presuming Mr. Brooks is, in fact, neurotic.

Following a rather calamitous car accident while listening to Barbara Streisand in his fresh off the lot BMW, Brooks comes to and finds himself at neither the pearly gates nor near any infernos, but in Judgement City, a sort of afterlife weigh station. Here, with the assistance of his defender, Rip Torn, he must defend his choices in his last life in a judicial hearing before he can be either moved onto the next evolved life, or sent back to Earth to start all over again.

Reviewing various video footage of one disastrous decision after the next since boyhood — like foregoing a prime opportunity to buy Casio stock options and instead buying cattle that turned up diseased — Brooks is constantly confronted by the aggressive prosecutor (excellently cast Lee Grant) about living a pitiful, risk adverse life driven by fear. Overcoming ones fears is a huge determinant in the final verdict.

Meanwhile, Brooks meets and falls in love with Meryl Streep, after having lived the very definition of a valiant, love-filled life. Her carefree, unaffected disposition demonstrates that she is an ideal candidate if there ever was one to be moved onto the semi-celestial semi-finals. Their fate together happily ever after depends greatly on his ability to finally move past his fears and embrace life as an uncertain but fantastic journey.

Who knows if there’s any such thing as a Judgement City — which by the way looks like a cross between Las Vegas and Universal Studio Tours. But if there is such a place, how do you think you’d fare?

Hey, fear can be good. We would never completely knock fear. Many fears are rational. As a primitive flight response, fear serves us particularly well in potentially life threatening situations. For the majority of humankind, fear has kept us from being lunch for lions, tigers and bears when we need to…. RUN!

Our massive homo-sapien brains are not wired to distinguish between the initial sensations of rational or irrational fear. Until we tell our brains to think differently, fear is fear is fear. Fear can feel like impending doom or death until we realize differently. Calming our fears is essentially an exercise in mind over matter. Most specifically mind over ‘gray matter’. Make sense?

Are you letting irrational fears keep you from taking greater risk that could truly enrich your life — your connections to friends, family, lovers, humanity? Are your fears stopping you from having the lifestyle and experiences in life you really want?

Wasting valuable time on irrational fears robs you from….living.

Time is the stuff of which life is made of.

Mojo Rizing’s motto #23:

Surf’s up. Grab a board. Catch the waves while you can. Sunset will be here before you know it, Chief.

Man Crushing on Leornardo: Our Magnificent Obsession

The Aviator

Within our Maserati loving order (see About Us) for those of us absent another x chromosome, we have admitted a collective man crush on Leonardo Di Caprio. Hey, at least we’re men enough to handle our undeniable truth. What about you big boy?

The Aviator really clinched it for four of us. He got the others at Gangs of New York, then The Departed. Playing the tormented genius Howard Hughes as an unstoppable architect of the 20th Century, DiCaprio brought to life the magnitude of one man’s quest for the realization of his greatest ideas without compromise. This grand bio-pic portrait made for an Ayn Rand ideal man wet dream since Gary Cooper in the Fountainhead.

Until Leonardo came along, modern pop cultural accounts remembered him mostly as a billionaire recluse and for a presumed descent into madness than as a once fierce captain of industry. Before Di Caprio and Scorcese, the last bio-pic of Mr. Hughes was with Jason Robards and Paul LeMat in Melvin and Howard, well worth the rental fee. A comedy, there were fewer episodes of obsessive compulsive disorder, tissue filled houses, glamorous movie actresses, and eerily attendant Mormons.

One of the most towering and fascinating near immortals of his time, like Achilles, Hughes ultimately had real human problems. What was not understood then as a likely obsessive compulsive disorder, began to control and severely restrict his social interactions. Not to minimize the crippling effect this apparently had on his life, he was still able to achieve more in a week than many of us do within a lifetime. Yes, he was a man born into great wealth. He was also a man who was willing to risk all that he had inherited and earned to bring forth his boldest imaginings.

Movies have a way of romanticizing even the ugliest parts of real characters. We want to be careful not to completely drift along under the intoxicating influence of Leonardo’s command performance. Having read a few books on Hughes, the man clearly used his mind for laser focused greatness while fighting against his illnesses along the way. He was also a vicious and ruthless competitor — for better or worse.

We all feel less than on an even keel from time to time. Professional guidance towards mental stability and whole health are leagues beyond the comparatively shallow intelligence of our lot. Tom Cruise is not among the Groove Master’s crew: we actually know our limitations. We believe in scientifically sound psychiatric treatment and adherence to a good drug regiment where absolutely necessary. If you feel that you are coming apart at the seams, may harm yourself or others, than we strongly urge that you get off the computer NOW and seek professional help.

Aside from our Leonardo Love Fest, your mental and emotional preparedness for greatness remains our magnificent obsession. Providing you with helpful tools to free your mind of entrenched barriers that stand between you and your own towering impact is our mission.

What barriers do you need to knock down to be the chief architect of your destiny? What keeps you rational in a world of uncertainty? Are you on the thresh hold of a major break through or breaking point?

Mind the Road Ahead, Sport

fast and furious

Lesson #36 from The Fast and the Furious:

He who is fixated on rear view mirror cannot fully throttle forward.

Not to mention he will most certainly crash and burn.

Come on, dude. You gotta love the Fast and the Furious franchise. Thankfully there are no Maserati’s entangled in the endless heap of rock ’em sock ’em Japanese kit cars. And, you can’t beat Vin Diesel growling out one of the all time corniest nuggets in cinematic history:

I live my life a quarter mile at a time.


Talk about keeping it simple: friends and enemies share one common interest — driving really fast. Then, through some unfortunate turn of events eventually exploit this common interest — driving really, really fast and furiously — to settle ‘the big score’. With a few curious twist and turns in the plot, you brace for the thrill of the big show-down as it mounts to an adrenaline junkie overdose. The daring do or die dashes and drifts to the finish line will forever alter everyone’s fate — winners and losers alike — in a NOZ induced haze.

Well, at least until the next big race.

With everything on the line from pink slips to the love of a beautiful girl, from street cred to bragging rights, characters and throttling skills are put to the test. Staying focused on the road ahead is the difference between living or dying along an outlawed course. The pedestrian roads ahead are not always built for fast, let alone furious action. There is no time to look back. Whoever and whatever is back there is just choking on your dust.

Our vote for next scene stealer catch line in the next Fast and Furious installment:

Your mojo can’t flow until you start to let it go, bro.

Are you a rear view mirror driver? Instead of looking forward through the big glass windshield to see your destination, are you still grinding your gears over what took place a quarter a mile ago?

Whether you’re keeping it at 55 or electric gliding along the autobahn, keeping both hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel and eyes looking forward is the best way to start letting go.

Go AHEAD: Let it go, bro. Let it go.