No More Mr. Nice Guy

It’s so nice to be nice. – Cinderella and cast, Into the Woods

It’s also nice to be nice about not being so nice all of the time. But then there’s being nice to the point that it is not so nice. Follow?

Are you the strong and silent type? Is your motto ‘walk softly and carry a big stick’ ? Or are you really just simmering below the surface trying to keep from popping your cork?

Sometimes being nice is not so nice. Ever heard the saying ‘nice guys finish last’? Hate to admit it, but there’s some truth to this adage. Hey, we’re about being groovy. Being groovy doesn’t mean being a push over, though.

Don’t let your Mr. Nice Guy qualities turn you into a doormat.

Don’t fall down.

Walk tall. Walk proud.


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  1. He’s going home to Cathryn Zeta Jones, so he can do whatever he wants. Actually that movie is very pertinent right now, after Columbine, Virginia Tech, and everything in between.

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