Change of Mind – Part 1: We feel you, Al

Yo, brother, can you spare 23 minutes? Sure you can.

Ever wonder what it might be like to set a Presidential candidate straight on his game?

Well, get a load of this meeting of the minds. By the way, some of the language used by this major brain trust may not be suitable for delicate or tiny ears, so be warned.

Wait for it…wait for it:

Booh-Yah! Did you catch that, Chief?

We really dig seeing Al Gore in the room. No matter how big your britches, great minds get greater by keeping company with other great minds.

From a man who was just a fraction of a few votes away from becoming the President of the United States to a Noble Prize winner on a larger than life mission to literally save the Planet Earth — man, talk about turning a personal and national tragedy into a global triumph.  Now, that’s mojo.

Bravo to Tony for having the mojo (read cajones) to say exactly what so many have wanted to say to Mr. Gore for years. Whew! Finally, somebody said it!

Which brings us to this point — just how prepared are you to ‘speak truth to power’?

Here’s a big brain teaser on this point of order: Speaking truth to power doesn’t necessarily start with getting up in the grill of someone else with titled power and influence. Speaking truth to power starts with being truthful with yourself. By keeping in touch with what truly motivates you, with what your emotions or instincts are telling you is right for you is what makes you truly powerful.

Real personal change comes from daring to speak your own truth. This is your power source to invent the life you really want — the internal nuclear power plant that generates change in your own life, the lives of others — and ultimately our collective future on the Planet Earth.

So, go ‘head — groove on that.

Change is good. Just ask Al.


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  1. That was my first exposure to Tony Robbins. That sh– is pretty deep. I’lll definitely pick up some of his other stuff ( books, tapes, whatever). Yeah, seeing Al Gore there gives me hope that there are genuine people in politics who are looking for self-growth and the betterment of humanity. Not a big surprise, given what I already know about Al Gore is, but it feels like a welcomed wake-up slap after our current president.

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