No Space for Lumbergh

There’s one lurking around every 5×5 cubicle.

You know…that certain someone:

Talk about a jerksome jubilee.

Who hasn’t had to work with that certain someone that you fantasize about throwing your under-your-desk wire mesh trash can over their head and pushing down the nearest fire exit stairwell?

But violence never really solves anything, brah.

Remember the scene in this cinematic gem where Peter eventually seeks hypnotherapy to start dealing with the Bill Lumberghs of the world?

Well, it worked!

If hypnosis worked for Peter, just think what it can do for you.

Suffer no more. Don’t go Milton on us. That is not an option.

Help is on d’way, brah.

Just take a cue from the calming, wizened-heimer Book of Peter.

Hey, Lumbergh — we got yer memo right here.


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