Not so Curious George

Can life get any better than the one bestowed upon George Clooney?

Just look at him. Go ahead, take a good look.

Yep, it must be nice. REAL nice.

Dashing movie star good looks — like he was the love child of Clark Gable and Cary Grant.

Charming, witty, notorious prankster to the stars.

Intelligent. Can present compelling testimony before Congress on Darfur and other humanitarian causes.

BODACIOUS lady friend.

Lives in a picturesque Italian villa. For reals.

Oscar winner.

Not crazy like Tom Cruise.

What more could a fella want from life? Does George have it all or what?

Maybe. Who knows. It sure looks that way.

Certainly George has his days when he wakes up not feeling all out Clooney. Did you know that this guy has a back injury so severe he is constantly on pain pills and in physical therapy to keep him ambulatory and from becoming a total wreck? What about the nasty spill he and his girl had on a motorcycle about a year ago that left them both with fractured and broken bones? Let’s not even go there on the box-office bomb of his latest, “Leatherheads.” We’re sure there’s more to his life beyond the red carpet, but who really knows what it must be like to be Mr. Clooney other than Mr. Clooney?

We can’t all be George Clooney. As curiously charmed and charming as he might be, where’s the fun in a world full of George Clooneys?

We know you’re too sharp to fall under the pop cultural past time of comparing yourself to any celebrity du jour or a bonafide movie star, right? Yeah, it must be pretty great to be George. What’s a better life than that as George? Or your neighbor? Or the guy next to you in the Ferrari on the freeway? Or the check out stand cashier?

Comparing yourself to others isn’t always such a bad past time — checking in on the the accomplishments of others can inspire us to do better with our own daily 24 hours. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Tina Fey — all got or are getting tons of good stuff done in their lifetime. But, if constantly comparing your own daily lot to that of others keeps you from moving forward and enjoying pursuing your own life’s dreams on your own terms, you’re gonna want to nip that in the bud, and soon – time is a wastin’.

If you really need to compare yourself to others, take this line from Mr. Clooney in his self-directed role as a CIA recruiter for covert operations that allegedly trained Gong show host Chuck Barry as an international assassin, “Jesus performed miracles, was crucified and resurrected by the time he was 33. So, the way I see it, you better get crackin’ Jack.”

Amen to that, brother.


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