About Us

maserati race

We come from your familiar yearnings for fresh, new beginnings.

We bask in the big orange sunshine glowing wonders of all cosmic genesis.

We embrace the profoundly simple. We celebrate the simply profound.

Our once wayward paths have forged us in destiny to combat the razor sharp corners of mind dulling darkness reaching instead for the sobering yet drunken bliss of the bearable lightness of being.

We invite cynicism – if only to smash it to bits against the profane, remix it, and serve it up cold in nutritional groovy gigabyte size pieces.

We delight plentifully and freely in life’s awesome promise of beauty, abundance, and the splashing surf of tasty monster waves.

We rock. We roll. We are greedy, greedy sushi eaters.

We solely desire soulful enlightenment.

We only dream to take you higher, to fiercely grab hold of your own golden dreams.

You see – we’ve been where you are, and are where you’re headed.

We are a syndicate of outlandish, out-of-our-minds outlaws.

We are here to help you – to help us – to help you free your mind…so the REST will follow.

We come in peace.

We are the Alpha 7 Maserati Order of Mojo Rizing.

We are the Groove Masters of the Digital Universe.

Come with us. Take flight. Enjoy the ride.

maserati side

“Who are we? Who are we? Who are you not to be us?” – Sig. Gianni D. from his notes for Living with a Freed Mind for Absolute Beginners


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