Man Crushing on Leornardo: Our Magnificent Obsession

The Aviator

Within our Maserati loving order (see About Us) for those of us absent another x chromosome, we have admitted a collective man crush on Leonardo Di Caprio. Hey, at least we’re men enough to handle our undeniable truth. What about you big boy?

The Aviator really clinched it for four of us. He got the others at Gangs of New York, then The Departed. Playing the tormented genius Howard Hughes as an unstoppable architect of the 20th Century, DiCaprio brought to life the magnitude of one man’s quest for the realization of his greatest ideas without compromise. This grand bio-pic portrait made for an Ayn Rand ideal man wet dream since Gary Cooper in the Fountainhead.

Until Leonardo came along, modern pop cultural accounts remembered him mostly as a billionaire recluse and for a presumed descent into madness than as a once fierce captain of industry. Before Di Caprio and Scorcese, the last bio-pic of Mr. Hughes was with Jason Robards and Paul LeMat in Melvin and Howard, well worth the rental fee. A comedy, there were fewer episodes of obsessive compulsive disorder, tissue filled houses, glamorous movie actresses, and eerily attendant Mormons.

One of the most towering and fascinating near immortals of his time, like Achilles, Hughes ultimately had real human problems. What was not understood then as a likely obsessive compulsive disorder, began to control and severely restrict his social interactions. Not to minimize the crippling effect this apparently had on his life, he was still able to achieve more in a week than many of us do within a lifetime. Yes, he was a man born into great wealth. He was also a man who was willing to risk all that he had inherited and earned to bring forth his boldest imaginings.

Movies have a way of romanticizing even the ugliest parts of real characters. We want to be careful not to completely drift along under the intoxicating influence of Leonardo’s command performance. Having read a few books on Hughes, the man clearly used his mind for laser focused greatness while fighting against his illnesses along the way. He was also a vicious and ruthless competitor — for better or worse.

We all feel less than on an even keel from time to time. Professional guidance towards mental stability and whole health are leagues beyond the comparatively shallow intelligence of our lot. Tom Cruise is not among the Groove Master’s crew: we actually know our limitations. We believe in scientifically sound psychiatric treatment and adherence to a good drug regiment where absolutely necessary. If you feel that you are coming apart at the seams, may harm yourself or others, than we strongly urge that you get off the computer NOW and seek professional help.

Aside from our Leonardo Love Fest, your mental and emotional preparedness for greatness remains our magnificent obsession. Providing you with helpful tools to free your mind of entrenched barriers that stand between you and your own towering impact is our mission.

What barriers do you need to knock down to be the chief architect of your destiny? What keeps you rational in a world of uncertainty? Are you on the thresh hold of a major break through or breaking point?