Mind the Road Ahead, Sport

fast and furious

Lesson #36 from The Fast and the Furious:

He who is fixated on rear view mirror cannot fully throttle forward.

Not to mention he will most certainly crash and burn.

Come on, dude. You gotta love the Fast and the Furious franchise. Thankfully there are no Maserati’s entangled in the endless heap of rock ’em sock ’em Japanese kit cars. And, you can’t beat Vin Diesel growling out one of the all time corniest nuggets in cinematic history:

I live my life a quarter mile at a time.


Talk about keeping it simple: friends and enemies share one common interest — driving really fast. Then, through some unfortunate turn of events eventually exploit this common interest — driving really, really fast and furiously — to settle ‘the big score’. With a few curious twist and turns in the plot, you brace for the thrill of the big show-down as it mounts to an adrenaline junkie overdose. The daring do or die dashes and drifts to the finish line will forever alter everyone’s fate — winners and losers alike — in a NOZ induced haze.

Well, at least until the next big race.

With everything on the line from pink slips to the love of a beautiful girl, from street cred to bragging rights, characters and throttling skills are put to the test. Staying focused on the road ahead is the difference between living or dying along an outlawed course. The pedestrian roads ahead are not always built for fast, let alone furious action. There is no time to look back. Whoever and whatever is back there is just choking on your dust.

Our vote for next scene stealer catch line in the next Fast and Furious installment:

Your mojo can’t flow until you start to let it go, bro.

Are you a rear view mirror driver? Instead of looking forward through the big glass windshield to see your destination, are you still grinding your gears over what took place a quarter a mile ago?

Whether you’re keeping it at 55 or electric gliding along the autobahn, keeping both hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel and eyes looking forward is the best way to start letting go.

Go AHEAD: Let it go, bro. Let it go.

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