Speed Fix A Go-Go

X X X X X X X.

X X X X X X X.

Stop sweating – those X’s aren’t kisses. Nah…they’re the countdown markers to the May 2008 big screen premiere of our fellow fine auto enthusiast and speed freak: Speed Racer.

The countdown is being officially kept by a couple of way cool Jr. Groove Masters in the making that live among us ages 11-13. Always good to see the love for the classics are alive and well among the young dudes.

When we first saw this preview in the theater, the boys flipped.

John Goodman as Speed’s thick mustached pop? We’ll take it.

Right on casting of Susan Sarandon and Christina Ricci — their trademark wide-eyes are so perfectly Japanese retro-anime.

The boys told us it was coming soon to a theater near us, but we were of course busy with getting on with the real important stuff of family, empire building, friends, fun and other activities that make life so grand. As the big people, we didn’t have much time to totally groove on our fictional fast friend. We left the low tech X calendar countdown to the pros.

As you can see from our previous posts, we do love a good movie. It’s pretty cool to see kids get into the idea of a decent flick, too. Their imaginations easily spark at the promise of adventure — real or imagined. Of course, as adults, while we want to keep the spark, it’s our day-to-day quest to show the young’ens that life occurs most vibrantly outside Saturday matinees at the multi-cine-plex, Nickelodeon, and the internet. Escaping the seductions of the mall and getting out to practice Bending like Beckham, taking in a museum (what, you got something against museums?) or maybe hitting the local go kart course are healthy introductions to the thrills and wonders of the world.

We recently noticed a couple of buds that have also talked nearly non stop about this anticipated release for a couple of weeks now. This wasn’t unusual because they’re often yakking away about some upcoming feature or television series season premiere and the like. We love ’em, but it seems that unless they’re talking about what’s happening on Lost, Heroes or the L Word, they have little else to say or share about much else with the same interest.

They’re both successful professionals. They have lovely families, picket fences, and are regular voters. Yet, not much to say about any of that. They stick to the usual stale script of minimal honorable mentions about family, marriage, relationships, work. In fact, their body postures and tones just seem to go limp when engaged in these subjects. From a passing observation, their better pleasures come from the melodramas of prime time soaps, reality t.v. dramas and the latest Britney/Paris/Brangelina to dos. Thanks to the magic of Tivos, DVRs, On Demand, and You Tube to a lessor extent they never miss a life sustaining fix.

The going can get pretty rough and tough out there working to hold it down, keep it real, keep it straight, hang in, roll with the punches, and all that jazz. Having his tiny ship tossed onto uncharted desert isle with a movie star was a long time fantasy for our good friend Nick since he was 11. Predictably, he’s now a fan of Lost.

These days, Nick takes a healthy retreat to a Caribbean island 5 star resort at least three weeks a year. He made this a reality, an A #1 top priority for himself. Although he’s still working on the movie star, putting this dream on his ‘150 must dos and haves before I die list’ 12 years ago, he succeeded by making his first annual sun-kissed trek 9 years ago.

Nick will never be lost in Lost.

Nick is not only in the race, but leading it, and putting up his own record breaking times. Like a world class contender he steadily works his plan to cruise through to his most desired adventures and pleasures.

Before he starts a project, he puts the together the right crew to help make it to the finish line, decides when the checkpoints will be to measure his progress, and knows where the pit stops are — all to make sure he’s on track to win.

Like the little dudes, he’s having way too much fun imagining — then planning — the next great adventure. But, like a true Groove Master, he also knows when to turn off the boob tube and other electronic attention splitters and get down to the business of designing his own life’s course.

We all need pit stops from the dizzying speedway. Just make sure that your pit stop doesn’t tailspin into a total blow out off course.

Drivers wanted. Stay on the track.