The Fourth Coming: Back to Indiana

Grab your bull whip, snake repellent, and hang onto your hat — the Super-Baddest Archeologist ever is coming back.

So look busy!

We’ll be looking for the “Brought to you by the makers of Viagra” tag when this special previews on Entertainment Tonite.  Thank goodness this serial is set way back when, otherwise you know Spielberg would find a way to product place Viagra or Cialis like Pepsi or Coke in a modern day ET sequel.

Man, he kicks up a lot of dust. How old is Sir Harrison Ford now? 60? 70? Who cares — Han Solo in a Hat still brings it! The force is clearly with him.

Before Indy, the most memorable faux archeologist we recalled was a 60ish Vincent Price as the kook holding the Brady Bunch boys hostage in a tiki cave in the Hawaiian vacation episode. You might catch it on TV Land at around 4:00 a.m. at dawn’s early light. Creepy. Indy’s way cooler.

We all Jones for Jones because when the plot thickens to the absolute worst jam of all jams, he manages to get out of those jam of all jams. That’s at the heart of many a great adventure: working your way out of the worst possible scenario and living to tell about it. The worst is never the worst because things can always get…worse. Follow?

Great heroes can see when the glass is half empty — they just know when to swing in to action by the skin of their teeth and the tip of their bull whip, knock it over and fill it up to the brim all over again with the good stuff.

We should all hope that by the time we get to the senior rate at Applebee’s, we’ll still be kickin’ up dust and mixing it up like Indy/Ford.

Enjoying our own adrenaline pumped adventures remains at the top of the list of things to keep doing. Getting out there — on the court, on the field, on a rock, on a track, on the slopes, ’round the block, in the yard, at the sushi bar — and mixing it up as much as possible is a mach 5 formula for keeping your mind sharp, your blood fresh, and your mojo running.

Breathe a little deeper, run a little harder, love a little richer, live a little longer.

And, always, always take your bull whip. That’ll never get old.