There’s no Crying in Baseball

Bad day at the office, dear?

Didn’t get that raise you expected? Passed over for a promotion — again? Or maybe you just can’t take one more second of your yippity yappity co-worker in the next cubicle prattling on and on about her one eyed kitty’s recent spleen surgery? Is it all just enough to bring you to the brink of — dare we say it — tears?

Unless you’re working the graveyard shift at an onion packing plant, there’s no crying at work.

We’re not totally completely hard hearted chaps. We all have our sorrows and frustrations to contend with when toiling alongside other less than perfect human beings in a dog-eat-dog world. We won’t name names here, but one of our own groove masters is known to have once called another g.m. from underneath his desk crying crocodile tears into his Blackberry Pearl over a series of unfortunate events in a Board meeting which involved an ex-main squeeze who, suffice it to say, wasn’t very groovy, and succeeded in making him look pretty bad in front of the hire ups. Have mercy. Still, tre un-groovy.

Crying salty tears at the salt mines can make for a slippery slope while working your way up the hill. Don’t let your own waterworks drown you in the already stormy waters of work a day life. Put away the hankies, man up/woman up, and get a hold of yourself. There’s just no crying in baseball.